Michael David Rose, with 25 years of professional photography experience and counting, is a skillful photographer specializing in architectural projects. His studio is located in the heart of San Francisco's thriving Mission District.

With an eye for clean images and a talent for composition, Michael utilizes a wide variety of photographic techniques and styles to capture fine art, product and architectural images.  A sampling of his Museum projects include the Museum of Contemporary Art-Chicago,  Art Institute of Chicago, New York's New Museum.  Other projects include many of San Francisco's new tech office interiors for companies such as Microsoft, Indiegogo and Visa.

Michael also continues to work for, an e-newsletter covering lifestyle in San Francisco. He stays calm under fire on a fast-paced, deadline driven schedule, while producing newsworthy launch photographs of restaurant, bar, hotel, and retail locations throughout the city. Chef, food and drink photography completes the slideshow series of images.

As a Professional Affiliate of both the San Francisco and Chicago branches of the American Institute of Architects, Michael has contributed to many editions of Chicago Architect and other AIASF publications.  In addition his work has been published in the New York Times, Art Forum and Wallpaper* magazines.

When not behind the lens, Michael spends his time with his wife and two children skiing Alpine Meadows in Tahoe, sailing the San Francisco Bay and drifting down any river for Steelhead Trout.